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Workshops & Events

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Zen Baby & Daddy

£10 per  session

Zen Baby & Daddy workshops are hosted on a weekend day, giving dads an opportunity to spend quality time with their baby. There are 2 age groups, for younger baby's dads will be taught how to massage their baby's and bond through loving touch, suitable for pre crawlers. For older baby's on the move we will do activity's where they will have more freedom to move around. Both sessions will include lots of sensory play, a little keepsake to take home and an opportunity for photos.

Zentrin's Mum Brunch

£7.50 per session

This is one for the mums!  

A 2022 take on mum and baby groups, enjoy 90's/00's music, refreshments & pastries and Nosecco ( Non- alcoholic Prosecco) It will be served in champagne flutes so we can pretend it's real! There are plenty of sensory stations to keep your little ones stimulated, and it is a great opportunity for you to meet other mums and have a mingle. 

Working at home

Workshops coming soon!

Watch this space for Halloween & Christmas workshops coming soon!