Zen Baby Yoga

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For babies 4-10 months


Zen Baby Yoga

£45 for 5 weeks

Zen Baby Yoga is a 5 week course which consists of 5 relaxing classes for mum and baby, where baby's will build their bodies strength and flexibility. Baby yoga will improve baby's overall health and wellbeing, poses and moves with improve their posture and strengthen their muscles. There will also be sensory play and activities for baby's to engage with.


Baby Yoga, has some similar benefits to baby massage, some yoga moves that we perform will help aid baby's digestion system, helping with constipation and easing colic and gas. The class will encourage your baby's coordination and boost their brain development. Like all my classes there will be time for a chat & drink towards the end of the session.

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Absolutely love our classes at Zentrin. Emily makes every class really memorable and it's lovely to be able to chat with other mums as well.

I'd have been lost without the social side of the classes. I look forward to chats each week.